What is SQL ?

Introduction of Database And SQL

SQLWhat is SQL?

SQL  is a standard language(  stands for structural query language) normally used for accessing and manipulated database .


Our Database & SQL Tutorial must help you  to learn all of the SQL Operation  so that you can use SQL to access and manipulate


Data in:

1. SQL Server

2. MySQL

3. Microsoft Access.

4. Oracle

5. Sybase


7. other database systems.

and also help you how to connect database with your web site.



Major Operation Of SQL:


1.> First  operation  of SQ L is it can execute queries against a database.

2.> SQL can create new databases.

3. > SQL can create new table  in a database.

4. > SQL can retrieve data from a database.

5.> SQL can insert data/records in a database.

6.> SQL can update records in a database.

7.> SQL can delete records from a database.

8.> SQL can create view  in a database.



How to use  SQL in Your Web Site:

To create  a new  web site that view  some data from a database and for this you will need

the following requirements:


1.>  A server-side scripting language like  ASP or PHP.

2. > HTML / CSS

3. > SQ L

4.>   RDBMS  ( RDBMS  stands for Relational Database Management System ) database program

that is  MySQL , SQ L Server, MS Access.