Introduction to PHP

what is php,introduction of phpIt is known to all that PHP is a power full tools in web development.

It is must need for creating interactive and dynamic web site.

on the  other hand php is most widely used   efficient  and free  alternative to competitors like  Microsoft’s ASP.

Dear Learner in this tutorial i will discuss how you can learn  about PHP  and how to execute php or php scripts on your server/ Local host.

Before learning php   you should have a basic knowledge about of the following tearms:


2. cse

3. Javascripts.

If you feel that you will need to understand /know about above three subjects then you can check out this tutorial Home page.

Before going to learn PHP  we should know What is php?

What is PHP?


Firstly: PHP  means Hypertext Prepossess.

    Secondly: PHP is a server side scripting language.

        Thirdly:   PHP is a Scripting language  which is executable on the server.

              Fourthly:   php supports many Database For Example: MySQL  MS SQL ,Sybase, PostgreSQL

and Oracle etc.

                      Fifthly: PHP is a open source software and free to download from internet.

Why we learn PHP?

We learn PHP Because :

1. PHP helps  for creating interactive and dynamic web site.

2. Easy to learn and  efficiently run  on the server side.

3. Free  to download from the official PHP web

4. Compatible with almost all servers Like: Apache, IIS, etc.

5. Runs on different platforms such as : Linux, Windows, Unix, Mac Os etc.

What is  PHP File and where to start ?

It is most important to know about php file and from where we have to start.

1. PHP files have a file extension named: .php or .phtml or php3 Like: “example.php”

2. Php file must have to keep on the htdocs directory for run on the web browser.

3. Must have to write on the browser http://localhost/php file Like: http://localhost/example.php

4.PHP files  contain  HTML tags scripts and  text.

To start with php you have to following two work:

1. Have to Install Apache( XAMPP) or IIS  on your computer for creating local server.

2. Or  You can find a web hosting with MySQL and PHP  support.

3. Write your php code on a php editor like: php designer,

Adobe Dreamweaver, notepad etc.

Above two way 1 No is easy then second so i will advise to use 1 No way for starting with PHP.

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