Introduction of HTML5 AND HTML

HTML(Hyper Text  Markup Language)

 HTML is a Web programming language which help us  to view all of the information of  the world through internet.To build  a web page  we must need help of HTML. without  HTML a web page can’t be built. Main frame of a web page  is formed by HTML.

Basically HTML is not a Programming language rather than it  is a Hyper Text Mark Up language. It is a Mark Up Language because it is consist of a set of mark up tag .  Information of a  web page are  expressed through various browser by writing information between

various HTML tag. Like <body>..</body>

 History of HTML:

     Sir Timothy John Tim Berners Lee  is the inventor of HTML  or Hyper Text  Markup Language. He is a British computer scientist and also the inventor of the World Wide Web. At present Berners-Lee is the director of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

The purpose  of HTML invention was  that to communicate all of the  scientific research information to all over the world very speedy.In 1990 HTML was introduced all over the world through  Mosaic Browser which was developed by NCSA.

In 1997 January  HTML3.2 version was launched  developed by   WC3. At the same year HTML4.2 version was also launched by WC3. The  latest version HTML is HTML5 which was introduced in the world in 2010.

New Features of HTML5

1.Web Applications

2.  2D/3D Graphics

3.Video and Audio

4. Full CSS3 Support

5. New Attributes

6. New Elements

7.  Local SQ L Database

8.  Local Storage

Briefly Description of Some of the most interesting new features in HTML5:

1. HTML5> Support for local storage.

2. HTML5> Support for the <audio> and <video> elements for media playback.

3.HTML5> Support for  new  form controls, like  date,email,search,time,URL.

4.HTML5> Support for the <canvas> element for 2D drawing

5. HTML5> Support for new content elements like  <header>,<article>, <section>, <nav> ,<footer>.

List of Browser Support for HTML5:





5.Internet Explorer

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