HTML Elements Properties And Attributes

https://knowledgediarybd.comHTML Elements by which HTML document are defined are

known as HTML Elements.HTML elements have some attributes

or properties that are used when HTML document are defined or

written on web page.

Syntax of HTML Element:

1. > Everything of element content is  between the start and the end tag.

2. >> An HTML element start with a start tag or opening tag.

3. >>> An HTML element ends with an end tag or closing tag.

4.>>>>  Some HTML elements have empty content .

5.>>>>>  Empty elements are closed in the start tag .

6.>>>>>> Most of the HTML elements can have some properties or attributes.

How it Written in HTML Editor:

In HTML the Meddle   part  of beginning or opening tag  and end  or closing tag are

also  called  HTML Elements.

For Example:  <h1> This is an example of element.</h1>

Here This is an example of element is written  between beginning tag   <h1> and end tag  </h1>

That’s why it’s called HTML element.  Here We Should know that  Some tag have no elements

such as: <br /> and <img />

To clear the concept about the HTML element here give a HTML elements Table.

Start tag/Opening tag

Elements Content

End tag/Closing tag

This is an element.


This is paragraph.

<br>or <br />

No element

<img />

No element

Normally the tags those  have no end or closing tag these tags are written with opening tag containing  a symbol(/) with a space before (/) symbol. Like: <img />

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