How To WordPress Install on Localhost,wordpress install

install word press, how to use word press, word press help, wordpress install.WordPress is now most widely used and most popular content management system(CMS). The important factor is – it is open source. So anyone can design and manage according to his/her choice by using WordPress. It is made of mainly php and mysql. So one needs not know about php, mysql, html in details. But if anyone wants to be a professional, then he must know about html, php, mysql, css etc.

How To Install WordPress:

The processes of installing WordPress in localhost are:

Step 1: To make your computer as a local server, you should install XAMPP. To install XAMPP click here.

Step 2: After installing XAMPP in your computer there will be a folder named xampp. In xampp folder there is a htdocs folder. you should put your WordPress folder inside the htdocs folder. If you did not download WordPress, click here to download word press.

Step 3:If the folder is zipped, then unzipped it and put the unzipped folder inside the htdocs folder under xampp folder. My unzipped folder name is wordpress

Step 4: Now go to any browser and write http://localhost/wordpress.

Then You will see the following content.

wordpress install on localhost

Now click Create a Configuration File.    


Then You will see the following content.

install wordpress

Click Let’s go!

Now you will see the following screen

how to install wordpress

Now  you should create a database first and for that open a new tab on your browser and write http://localhost/phpmyadmin.

you will see


Enter your database name here and click create

Step 5 (optional):If everything is ok,then go to wp-config-sample.php file under your WordPress folder and edit it only giving the database name.

installing wordpress

Step 6: Now fill the form with your information like-


You can keep the password field blank. Give the database name that you have already created, database hast as localhost and here table prefix wp_. Now press Submit button.

Step 6: Now you will see..


Click Run the install button.


Step 7: A message will be appeared like the following…

welcome message

Now click the Log In button

Step 8: Logged in yourself through username and password.

word press install

Step 9: You will see your dashboard like…

final wordpress instal

And that’s all for installing WordPress. Thank you for your kind patience.