How To Create Facebook Fan Page

Create a Facebook fan page is an easiest way but most of us can’t create Facebook fan page.Form this reasons  I write this tutorial and I hope everybody will benefited from this tutorial.

Why we Create Facebook fan Page:

It is known to all that Facebook is  one  of the best popular social communication site or media

at now among all over the world. At present its user about 1 core+ and a lot of user have been adding daily.

It’s user are so much huge because this social communication site or media give a number of services

For Example : Social communication, Group communication, Facebook gaming services, and fan page services.

The major cause for creating Facebook fan page is that a person or organization may have friends up to 5,000 belonging a Facebook account . But if you have a  Facebook fan page there is no limit of your fans/ friends.That’s why many people or organization has been creating their own fan page.

How To Create It:

To create Facebook Fan page you have follow several steps:

Step 1: First if you have a Facebook  account then you have to Sign-in of your Facebook account by putting e-mail and pass word and  if have no Facebook account then go to

Then you will see a Facebook login interface look like below:

facebook  fan page

After Log In you can see the following  interface and you have to click create a page text of this interface in  the bottom of this home page.

Step 2: After clicking Create a page you can see following interface:

In this step you have to choose a category.

Step 3: After choosing a category you have to put your company or page name or organization name.

Step 4: up  load an image/logo of your company or of your page like following picture.

 Step 5:  In this step you can give a website link and your page or company information. you can also skip this step.

Step 6: skip following step.

Step 7: It is  final step to create a Facebook fan page. Here you can see admin panel of

this fan page.

Here you can add a cover image ,invite your friend via e-mail or from  Facebook friend list also

you can post status,images video and questions.

To increase fans  of your page you have to post regularly on various interesting things and invite your friends for your  Facebook fan pages  regularly.

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