How To Create a Facebook Account

How to Create a Facebook account is a most concern word at present.

Because Facebook becomes as much  as popular all over the world that’s

why every one want to create a Facebook account for  keeping  communication with his/her friends or family member.

Specially student of university,college,school and also businessman want to keep

Facebook for his business.But a lot of people don’t know How to Create a Facebook account.From this concept i have deiced to write a tutorial about

  How to Create a Facebook account or e-mail account.

I have completed this tutorial by following several steps:

Step 1: Go to  then you will see the following interface:


Step 2: Fill up the indicated form as like Below:

step 3: Finds your friend or skip this this step

Step 4: Fill out your profile information then save&continue. Like below:

Step 5: Send friend request or Ad as Friend button click then save&continue.

Like below:

Step 6: Upload your profile picture then save& continue.

Step7: Finally you will get your Facebook Home/welcome page:As Like Below.

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