Funny Photo Comments

Funny Photo Comments

Funny Photo Comments.Photo comments are very funny and you do that to and fro in your daily comments in your face book. Today some funny emoticons are available for commenting on social media gossip and on different text messages.

You like to mock at your friend and tickle them on their photos and activities the there is no alternative to the photo comment. Photo comment can tell thousands of word at a time. It clarifies your idea about your friends activity.

But you have to choice the most appropriate photo for your friends and for the elderly or junior one. We present here a bounce shell of important funny photo collection.

Future of the iphone

Funny photo


Fast and furious 27



Guess what is here

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Latest technology for your bath tub

images (2)


Can you smile like me

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Free tips to rise weight is McDonalds chips

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The conversation op the boss people

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They are close enough

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Why don’t you obey you boss. You will be punished

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Apple had missing edge and android did the right job

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Come here to face me if you can

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I can float on water without help of nothing

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We are all together

images (11)


We were one, who created us different

images (12)


We the team
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You smile like the person



Helping the mechanics to repair the car