C Data Types

C Data Types,data types, c data typesData Types  which are an  important components in programming. A variable that can only hold a data but data type defines what kinds of  data a variable hold. . without data  type a variable  have no value in c program.

Dear reader, here i will discuss details about  c programming variable  that will be helpful for your learning c  programming.

C Data Types :

In C, data type is used to declare various types of data such as integer number,

float number, character etc.There  are many data types in C. 

The basic types are :

1. int (Integer Like: 1,2,420)

2. char( Character Like: a,b,X,Y)

3. float (Floating point number Like: 3.1416)

4. double (Floating point number with high range Like:2.712356478952124)

All the available data types, their size and range are given below:

1. int data types range and  size

integer data types

2. char data types range and  size

char data types in c

3. float data types & their range and  size

float data type

4. double data types & their range and  size

double data type