Medical Admission Test Results 2014-15 of Bangladesh

All BD Medical admission test result 2014 has been published few days ago .You can collect your Medical Admission Results 2014 from this site very easily from below.Likr Eevery year, in this year   Medical Admission Test 2014 was held on 24 October  2014. Acoording to the Director General of Health Service (DGHS) Medical Admission test Result … [Continue reading]

CSS Link Styling

Link  is an important element in web design. Link can be create by  HTML Link Code & can be modified by css link styling properties. Dear, reader here,i will discuss how to styling a  link by css property that will be helpful for your better experience in the field of css3. CSS Link : Link can be modified in different ways on the basis of … [Continue reading]

CSS Table Setting

css table

Table which can be made by HTML Table code  but with the help of css table styling property it can be more attractive, more colorful to it's user. By using some css properties we can design table header,table border,table data,table row & cell etc. Table border Styling: Table border table header border(th) table data(td) border & color … [Continue reading]

CSS Float Setting


CSS Float Setting is an important matter in web development. with the help of css float property we can setup an image or various division of a web page like: menu bar,side bar,content float left, content float right etc. Float Property has following  three values: … [Continue reading]

While Loop and Do While Loop In PHP


While Loop and Do While Loop In PHP are another most essential condition checker in php. There is a difference between while loop & do while loop that is in do while loop a statement can be executed one time if  the given condition is false.But it is impossible in While loop. Dear learner here you can learn how to use while and do while … [Continue reading]

BUET Admission Test Result 2013-2014 Session|

admission test result of buet 2013

BUET Admission Test Result 2013-2014 Session will be published on 9-16 November 2013. According to the BUET admission Comity this Year, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology Admission Test Exam for the first Year B.Sc. Engineering Course of the session 2013-2014, will be held on 2 November, 2013. The admission test Examination date … [Continue reading]

CSS Font Styling


CSS Font setting or styling is an essential part & parcel in wed designing.A lot of changes are done in web text or content by css fonts setting. For Example: with the help of css fonts setting we can change font size,font style,font family etc. Major CSS Font Properties are: … [Continue reading]

Background Styling


CSS Background styling is an essential part in web designing.Cause Css background properties provides a lot of facilities to design a inter active web site. With the help of css background  properties you can choose  your desire color, image to use as background of web pages and also can setup horizontally or vertically repeated or … [Continue reading]



css-id and css Class are two important part of cascading style sheets. css id  and class are used in  web page designing to do more styling and attractive webpage. Dear learner in this css tutorial you can know about css-id and class,how to declare css id and class & how to use these. CSS ID: Normally css ID is defined by a dollar sign($) … [Continue reading]



PHP Loops are most important in php programming. Because Php loops provides  a lot of services like: Execute a statement specific number of times.Reduce the length of program code & reduce the  execution or run time also check various condition before execute a code. Types of Loops used in PHP: Mainly four kind of loops are used in PHP … [Continue reading]