Dhaka University GHA Unit Admission Test result 2013 & Seat Plan

Du d unit admission seat plan 2013

Dhaka University  GHA Unit  Admission Test result 2013 &  seat Plan has been publised .This year the First  Admission test exam of Dhaka University Gha unit will held  tommorow or on November 1. The academic council and Dhaka university admission comity has been published  all of the seat plan and Dhaka University  GHA Unit  Admission Test […]

HTML Images


HTML Basic included all of the features or elements of HTML Listed Below.Basically in this tutorial  i will discuss all of the HTML basic element especially HTML Images. I hope  that will be helpful for your better experience in the field of HTML Images.   >> HTML Heading     >> HTML Paragraph         >> HTML Link              >>HTML  Image etc. HTML Images: HTML […]

HTML Editors


HTML Editors is a most important things in web design. HTML Editor is a software or place where all of the HTML code are written to build a web page. HTML can be written/edited  by using a professional HTML editor : Like: 1.Macromedia Dreamweaver or Adobe Dreamweaver.

UVA Graph Problem Solution,uva-255, uva-315,uva-821,uva-10600

UVA Graph Problem Solution  are more difficult in UVa  Problem set but Graph problem are more important because most of the graph  problem are related  to real life problem. Graph problems are,Graph Traversal,Maximum Flow,Minimum Spanning Tree,Single-Source Shortest Paths ,All-Pairs Shortest Paths, Special Graph (Directed Acyclic Graph) & Special Graphs(Others). Here are the list of some uva Graph Problem Solution,uva-255, uva-315,uva-821,uva-10600 UVA Graph Problem Solution,uva-255, uva-315,uva-821,uva-10600   are […]

UVA String Processing Problem Solution


  UVa string processing problem solution  are related to string.String processing problem are  like:Cipher,Encode,Encrypt,Decode, Decrypt,Frequency Counting, Input Parsing,Output Formatting,String Comparison,String Matching,String Processing with Dynamic Programming. Actually some  String Processing problems are easy and can be solved by previous knowledge.  But be careful about time, space and special criteria when solving them. UVA String Processing Problem Solution : UVa: 488(Triangle Wave)

HTML Basic Or HTML Heading, Paragraph, Links, And Images


HTML Basic Element  included all of the features or elements of HTML Like >> HTML Heading     >> HTML Paragraph         >> HTML Link              >>HTML  Image etc. HTML Heading: Headings of  HTML are defined with the <h1> to <h6> tag

Create Database & Table

Create table

Create Database & Create Table is an important matter in SQ L. To access and manipulated data  First of all we have to create a database with a specific name Like: Teacher with help of “http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ ” For this first  you have to install ‘Xampp‘ in your local drive C or other drive. Then write  http://localhost/phpmyadmin/  […]

What is SQL ?


Introduction of Database And SQL What is SQL? SQL  is a standard language(  stands for structural query language) normally used for accessing and manipulated database .   Our Database & SQL Tutorial must help you  to learn all of the SQL Operation  so that you can use SQL to access and manipulate   Data in: […]

RU admission test routine 2014 |ru.ac.bd

a unit seat plan ruX admission routineX admission ruX B unit seat planX C unit seat planX D unit seat planX E unit seat planX f unit seat plan g unit seat planX H unit seat planX rajshahi universityX ru admissionX ru admission 2014X ru new routineX ru seat plan 2014X ru.ac.bd

RU admission test routine 2014 |ru.ac.bd RU admission test routine 2014  (ru.ac.bd), revised schedule and seat plan of ru admission test 2013-2014 has been announced.Schedule for the admission was given several times earlier, but the admission test examination was postponed at that scheduled time due the then running hartal and political instability. But the new […]

PHP Forms tutorial


PHP Forms tutorial.PHP Forms are used in HTML forms by two major variable Name: $_GET and $_POST.By using $_GET & $_POST We can retrieve a number of data form HTML forms. Dear learner here you can how to create a HTML Forms & how to it work with proper example. Example of HTML Forms: An […]

Introduction of CSS and CSS Syntax


CSS is a most important style sheets in web programming. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets.Used in web designing to do control the style and layout of multiple Web pages all at a time. Dear, learner in this tutorial you can learn css ,how to declare it,how to use it & also can know how to […]

If,else if, Else & Switch Statement in C

If,else if, Else & Switch Statement In C are  the most important in c programming. Mainly they are used for checking one or more  conditional operation like grater than, less than or equal e.t.c. logical condition. These statement provides a easiest way to solve a problem in a very short time & increase the performance of the c program code. Dear learner, […]

For Loop, While Loop And Do while Loop In OOP

c++ token

For Loop, While Loop And  Do while Loop In OOP     C++ has very effective & flexible three looping mechanisms like Java/C languages  or other languages. For Loop,While Loop and  Do while Loop are the most important statement all of them in c++ programming.They are used in c++ programming for doing a program very fast & effective. You can use one of the following three loops in c++:

C Operators,Operands and expression

c++ operators operands & expression

C Operators , Operands and Expression  are the sets of Element  that  perform a lot of  special task in the C programming.  For example : An assignment operator  the equals sign ( = ) is use to assign a value to a variable.which is known as assignment operator. We use a division sign ( / ) to divide two number together and   it is known as an arithmetic operator.