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BUET Admission Test Result 2013-2014 Session|

BUET Admission Test Result 2013-2014 Session will be published on 9-16 November 2013. According to the BUET admission Comity this Year, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology Admission Test Exam for the first Year B.Sc. Engineering Course of the session 2013-2014, will be held on 2 November, 2013. The admission test Examination date … [Continue reading]

Introduction to PHP


It is known to all that PHP is a power full tools in web development. It is must need for creating interactive and dynamic web site. on the  other hand php is most widely used   efficient  and free  alternative to competitors like  Microsoft's ASP. Dear Learner in this tutorial i will discuss how you can learn  about PHP  and how to … [Continue reading]

Free Download Code Blocks Software For Windows 7 or Windows 8

Free Download Turbo C Compiler 4.5 for Windows 7  or Download Borland turbo C for Windows 7

Download Code Blocks Software  For Windows 7 or Windows 8 is an important task for C & C++ programming specially those  programmer who are new in the filed of C & C++ programming. C &C++ programming languages are most power full language among all of the programming languages. If you the  know basic or details of  C & C++ languages … [Continue reading]

CUET Admission Test Result 2013 and Seat Plan

cuet admi

CUET Admission Test Result  2013 will be published soon.This year CUET First Bs.c  honors Admission Test will be held 0n 9 November 2013 and result will published between 3-4 days after cuet admission test exam is over.The academic council and CUET admission comity 2013 already has been published seat plan for all of  the eligible candidate for the … [Continue reading]

PHP Function


PHP Function is a powerful element in php programming. PHP Function provides a lot of facilities.Due to the PHP function a big problem seems to very easy to understand. About 700 built- in function are available in PHP. Dear learner here you can learn php function,how to declare & how to call(call by reference & call by value) from … [Continue reading]

Dhaka University GHA Unit Admission Test result 2013 & Seat Plan

Du d unit admission seat plan 2013

Dhaka University  GHA Unit  Admission Test result 2013 &  seat Plan has been publised .This year the First  Admission test exam of Dhaka University Gha unit will held  tommorow or on November 1. The academic council and Dhaka university admission comity has been published  all of the seat plan and Dhaka University  GHA Unit  Admission Test … [Continue reading]

Funny photo comment in facebook

Funny photo comment in facebook Funny photo comment in facebook is very common today. You can make a funny photo comment to your friends status.It is also very interesting.   Facebook funny photo comment: Some funny photo is here given for you and can make to much funny comment in the facebook.       Facebook … [Continue reading]



SQL Select and Where Statement  are two vital command in structural query language. Purpose of Select  Statement :SQL SELECT statement is used to select data from a database and with help of where command you can see whole table or a specific column. SQ L SELECT Syntax: Syntax 1: select column_name  from table_name and Syntax 2:  select * from … [Continue reading]

Java Operators,Operands and expression

C Operators

JAVA Operators , Operands and Expression  are the sets of components that  perform some special task in the java programming.  For example : An assignment operator  the equals sign ( = ) is use to assign a value to a variable.which is known as assignment operator. We use a multiplication sign ( * ) to multiply two number together and   it … [Continue reading]