Token in C Programing or C programming Token

In every Natural languages, there are some grammatical rules to write something. Like human language, C has some rules to write code properly. These rules are known as token. Dear reader, Here you can know details about various c language token that are essential  when you write a c program. There are six types of token in … [Continue reading]

HSTU admission test result 2014-15

HSTU admission test 2014-15 Admission Test Result -2014 of Hajee Danesh University  will be published soon..Admission test will held on 3,4,5 November-2014 under three faculty. According to the  Hajee Danesh University(HSTU) Admission Test -2014--2015 the Hajee Danesh University Admission Result -2014 will be published soon.Dear visitor Don’t … [Continue reading]

KUET Admission Test result 2014-15

KUET Admission Test result  2014-15   KUET Admission Test result  2014-15 KUET Admission Test  result 2014-15, Khulna University of Engineering & Technology ( KUET) Undergraduate Engineering admission test exam will held tomorrow on 31st October 2014. You will find all information about KUET admission notice, seat plan and result … [Continue reading]

Break and Continue Statements in java

Break and Continue Statement

Break and Continue Statements  are used  in java for controlling  various kind of loop such as for loop, while loop & do..while loop etc.   Explanation of break and continue statements are given below 1.The break Keyword or Statement: The break keyword is used to stop the entire loop. The break keyword must be used inside any loop or … [Continue reading]

CSS Padding and Margin

css padding & margin

CSS Padding and Margin are essential properties for article/content writing. CSS padding & margin provides a lot of features to write an interactive content or article. Dear,readers here, I will discuss details about  css padding & margin that will be helpful for better performance/experience in css. CSS Padding: In css padding defines … [Continue reading]

For loop while loop and Do while loop in java


Java has very flexible three looping mechanisms like C/C++ or other languages. For Loop,While Loop and  Do while Loop are the most important statement all of them in java programming.They are used in java programming for doing a program very fast & effective. … [Continue reading]

Online Programming Sites & Resources

Programming Sites & Resources

It is known to all that there a lot of site related to online programming  sites or Online UVa are available on internet but some of them are resource full and some of them are not enough resource full. I ensure that this site is more resource full with a lot of programming information & programming resources these are must satisfy your … [Continue reading]

Site Map

:: HTMLTutorials Introduction of HTML5&HTML HTML Editors HTML Basic HTML Elements HTML Heading HTML Paragraph HTML Table HTML Forms HTML Links HTML LISTS HTML Images :: CSS Tutorials Introduction of CSS CSS ID and Class Background styling CSS Text Styling CSS Fonts Styling CSS Float … [Continue reading]

If Else & Switch Statement in Java


If Else & Switch Statement in java are most essential statement  for checking various logical condition. These statement provides a easiest way to solve a problem in a short time & increase the performance of the java program code. Dear learner, here you can learn how to use If Else & Switch Statement in java that will satisfy … [Continue reading]

PHP Operators ,Operands & Expression


PHP Operators , Operands and Expression  are sets of characters which  perform a special task in the PHP code.  For example : An assignment operator  the equals sign ( = ) is use to assign a value to a variable.which is known as assignment operator. We use a plus sign ( + ) to  add two number together and   it is known as an arithmetic … [Continue reading]