All University admission test 2014-2015

All University admission test 2014-2015 This year after the HSC result publication the admission procedure in different University has been started. The exam date schedule and another requirements for the universities has been published within this time. Here the information is provided for the admission candidates. Dhaka University: ভর্তিচ্ছু … [Continue reading]

CSS List Styling

List  is an important element in web design. List can be modified by css list styling properties. Dear, reader here,i will discuss how to styling list by css property that will be helpful for your better experience in the field of css3. CSS List are given below: List may be following three types: … [Continue reading]



css-id and css Class are two important part of cascading style sheets. css id  and class are used in  web page designing to do more styling and attractive webpage. Dear learner in this css tutorial you can know about css-id and class,how to declare css id and class & how to use these. CSS ID: Normally css ID is defined by a dollar sign($) … [Continue reading]



PHP Loops are most important in php programming. Because Php loops provides  a lot of services like: Execute a statement specific number of times.Reduce the length of program code & reduce the  execution or run time also check various condition before execute a code. Types of Loops used in PHP: Mainly four kind of loops are used in PHP … [Continue reading]

CSS Text Styling

css text

CSS Text Styling or editing is an important subject      in web design.A lot of changes are possible in web text by css text editing. Dear learner here you can learn css text editing formatting,transforming and also a lot of changes. List of most widely used  css Property related to Text are : … [Continue reading]

Introduction and New Feature of Java


Java is a high level object oriented programming language developed by Sun Microsystems.Through it is associated with the World Wide Web but it is older than the origin of Web. Java  was only developed keeping in mind the consumer electronics and communication equipments. It came into existence as a part of web application, web services and … [Continue reading]

Java calculator

How to senr mail from your web

Java Simple calculator or simply two number addition be java frame interfacing. This a  simple task done for just test or can update it by adding subtraction, multiplication and division function. I hope you will get pleasure by this simple java interfacing or  graphical user interfacing application. To run this application You … [Continue reading]

(Du) Dhaka University KHA Unit Admission Test Result 2013 Has Been Published

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Dhaka university kha unit admission test result 2013 will published soon. This year Dhaka University kha  unit admission test exam will be held on 8 November,2013  and  form Now, DU kha  unit admission test time duration  is one hour form 10 am to 11 am on Friday. They also said, DU KHA  Unit Admission test result 2013-2014 session will be … [Continue reading]

RU admission test routine 2014 |

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RU admission test routine 2014 | RU admission test routine 2014  (, revised schedule and seat plan of ru admission test 2013-2014 has been announced.Schedule for the admission was given several times earlier, but the admission test examination was postponed at that scheduled time due the then running hartal and political … [Continue reading]

Operators Operands and Expression In C++

C++ Operators , Operands and Expression  are the sets of Element  that  perform a lot of  special work in  C++ programming.  For example : An assignment operator  the equals sign ( = ) is use to assign a value to a variable.which is known as assignment operator. We use a division sign ( / ) to divide two number together and   it is known … [Continue reading]